DJ iPhone

The domain is for sale!

I think it’s a pretty interesting question: is the iPhone the better DJ instrument, or is the iPad?

I bet most DJs would think it’s the iPad. But the iPhone has the distinct advantage that you can practice more or less anywhere. A good DJ app, a good set of headphones, a good music library and you’re good to go.

Obviously there is still the huge difference in screen size and thus control options, right? Well, maybe. My thinking is that you work best with the tool you know best; and if you DJ with an iPhone, you have many more opportunities to improve.

So, anyway, I had been thinking I would turn this into a survey of iPhone DJ apps. But in almost seven years of thinking about that, I haven’t got around to actually doing it.

Let my busy schedule be your golden opportunity!

DJ iPhone: Business Opportunities

If you’ve read this far you probably already have something in mind. But just the same, I’ll point out the things I would consider doing with the site if I only had the time.

In all of these I imagine you’d make your money through ads and referrals and the occasional sponsorship. But what do I know, I’m still selling my brainwaves for cash month by month.

A Comprehensive List / Comparison of DJ Apps

This was my first idea, and it would be pretty easy to do, if you are not simultaneously juggling a dozen other plates. (Does that make me a Plattenspieler?)

A Proper DJ App Review Site

Why not establish yourself as the expert on DJ apps? It would obviously help if you really are a DJ, and thus can credibly talk the talk.

Being not a DJ myself, at least not for real, and not even playing one on TV, I never could have pulled that one off without help. But I bet dollars to donuts this would make money.

A Forum for Mobile DJs et al.

This would also be a fair amount of work, not to set up but to run. But it has the advantage that you don’t need to be have too much knowledge about DJing, just an inquisitive mind and some good moderation habits.

In fact, you’d probably acquire the DJ expertise in the course of running the site. It would also be natural to have app developer forums in a place like this.

All of the Above

A review site that’s big enough also ends up being a comprehensive list, and if you’ve already got that much then a forum is the obvious extension.

You could even add in a social networking whatsit doodad, since SOCIAL IS THE NEW PORTAL. (You have to be a certain age to get that joke, sorry.)

Wow, now that I write this down it makes me really want to go do it. It would be super fun, I’d get to hang out with DJs a lot... I actually have several DJ friends, professionals as well as amateurs, so I already know that would be cool. I’d learn all kinds of stuff, and...

Oh yeah, I already have a second job. Oh well.

Price, Terms & Conditions

The Price is Right

I don’t have a fixed price in mind, but I will say that I will only entertain serious offers.

If you think you can build (or promote) a business with then give some serious thought to how much value the name itself would add to your business.

Then make me an offer. I may not accept it but I will at least respond with a counter-offer if I don’t. At that point, if you’re serious we can negotiate.

If you just want the domain in order to promote your eclectic little DJ app (this has happened) or your vaporware DJ app (this too has happened) or your suburban DJ practice, then you should bear in mind that the domain has potential use value to me in addition to any sale value. I might still get around to doing the comprehensive list thing.

There Shall Be Escrow

Any transaction will go through an escrow service, and the escrow fees will be split 50/50, meaning you will pay the agreed-upon price plus half the escrow cost. The going rate at is about 6% up to 5000 USD, so that would be an extra 3% for you. I am open to using other escrow services as long as they are reputable and can transact in either USD or EUR.

The domain is registered at MYDOMAIN.COM and they’re very good about handling transfers. For fastest results you would want to open an account there if you don’t already have one. (In fact as a general policy I recommend MYDOMAIN as a registrar, they’re particularly good if you know what you’re doing as a sysadmin.)

How to Contact Me

It’s probably most efficient to look me up on Facebook and try to message me there. My handle is biztos; as it is on Twitter and Tumblr, but I check those much less often.

I also have a contact form you can use, but I mostly get a couple spams a week on that so I would not be surprised if mail from there gets blocked at some point.

A Final, Important Note

Please only contact me with an offer if you are ready to go ahead with the deal. I have twice experienced the problem of reneging on deals, and it’s very frustrating.

Once somebody backed out of a deal by simply disappearing; and I was even trying to sell for a tax-deductible charity donation to Doctors without Borders.

The second time, some joker from "Fippex" (a site about small hairless rodents) had me go all the way to setting up an escrow transaction, and then backed out because of trademark problems on his end, which he should have known about earlier. That was for But hey, maybe you should re-consult with your lawyers at the last moment just oooone more time if your business is about rodents and you are trying to buy a domain with the name "fire" in it. Hellooooo SPCA.

Sorry, I digress. You get the point. Please don’t jerk me around. My time is at least as valuable as your money.

So that’s that. is officially For Sale. For Now. We’ll see what happens. Thanks for stopping by.